To prepare for the future, our children must become digitally literate now. However, with stretched resources and reduced funds, it can be difficult for schools to provide the technology their students need.

IT4Kids aims to not only boost IT budgets by reselling unwanted devices, but also to offer the vital learning resources that will support the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, doctors, artists, accountants and lawyers.

Using technology can transform the lives of our students.

Technology confusion

Trying to understand technology can be confusing. It shouldn’t be, which is why we start with what you are trying to achieve rather than talking to you about how much RAM or how many GHz and GBs of storage our devices have!

Our aim is to give you sound advice and guidance that enables you to make an informed decision based on your needs – getting products for your students, teachers and administrative team that best fit your needs and desired outcomes.

We deliver product choice and great value to enhance the future of education.

Products designed for education

By partnering with leading technology vendors that offer a wide range of new and refurbished products, we can advise you on the best devices for your school, taking into account your specific requirements before choosing the right operating system and type of device for you.

  • Desktop – powerful desktop PCs for the classroom and school office
  • Laptops – educational laptops and 2-in-1 devices with robust features
  • Tablets – Tablet devices in all varieties for use in and outside the classroom
  • Immersive – music-technology solutions for inspiring learning
  • Audio visual – a range of displays and AV equipment for interactive teaching
  • Infrastructure and networks – Servers, storage and networking solutions for your school
  • Printing – network multi-function printers, scanners and facsimile machines
  • Accessories – including protective cases, charging trolleys and security

We provide best-value products that meet educational needs.

Services and solutions that meet your needs

Our services and solutions are designed to be agile and flexible, quickly responding to the needs of your resources.

  • Services – warranties and management licensing to cover your devices
  • Finance – compliant leasing solutions that make your budget go further
  • Asset management – better management of your assets and software using our database app
  • Outcome-based solutions – transforming learning and teaching
  • Setup – device configuration with personalised apps
  • Best-practice advice and guidance

And we can even recycle your unwanted devices, which can help you increase your available funds!

How can IT4Kids help?

A wide range of technology products from leading manufacturers.

Services and solutions designed to support your technology infrastructure.

Competitive pricing to make your budget go further.

Let’s work together.

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